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We are a locally owned and operated cremation services business for pets of all ages. It is our main goal to honor your beloved pet with proper care and respect. We take pride in our services and the treatment of each pet so that you can maintain fond memories in years to come.

Through Legacy Pet you can maintain possession of your pet’s remains with a personalized container, such as an urn, or spread them in a way that’s meaningful to your family.

To learn more about what Legacy Pet can offer you in your time of need, please call.

/ What we do

Lay your pet to rest with love. With the help of our cremation services, you can provide each pet with fast, high-quality services to minimize your wait process. Hold onto your loved one’s remains with a customized urn or another token that you can cherish in years to come.

We work through a partner that specializes in pet memorial items. With their extensive catalog, we are able to provide more selection through which you can honor your loved one. Browse their extensive collection today.

Contact us with any questions you have along the way.

/ What to expect

We want your pet cremation process to remain simple and fast to eliminate any unnecessary stress. Call us to arrange a time and we will walk you through the steps of bringing in your pet, and different ways to memorialize them. For instance, some customers prefer to purchase an urn etched with dates or a name, while others prefer a memento, or simply to take their ashes home with the purpose of a ceremony.

Please ask us any questions you might have about the cremation process. We know everyone has different coping processes and it is our goal to make this troubled time as comforting as possible.

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Frequently asked questions about Legacy Pet Cremation

What is pet cremation?
Pet cremation is a way for you to dispose of or maintain your pet’s remains in years to come (if desired). Pet cremation is a humane and sanitary way for pet owners to lay their loved ones to rest.
How much do services cost?
Each pet cremation is based off of weight and size. Please visit our pricing section to learn more.
How long does it take?
Turnaround time depends on our schedule at the time. We will give a detailed timeline as you schedule your pet memorial service.
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/ Client Says
Leah Ornowski

My fur baby passed unexpectedly. I contacted Donie (who was out of the country at the time) and he made sure his team picked up my fur baby promptly and made a difficult process very convenient and comforting. Donie provided me with updates daily (from another country!) to make sure I knew that my baby was being handled respectfully. Legacy’s prices are the best in the area. I would absolutely recommend this business.

Tracy Eley

The owner was quick to respond to our needs and able to meet when we needed. He was the only owner out of the three crematoriums I contacted that asked about my dog. He seemed to actually care about his well being which I appreciated. When the time came he was respectful and gave us time to say our goodbyes. Our beloved pup’s ashes were placed in a beautiful wooden box at no additional charge. We also received a cremation certificate and sympathy card. For only $15 we were also given an imprint of his paw and a print of his paw. Extremely pleased with this service at such a difficult time.

Sydney Zimmerman

We just lost our yellow lab, Paige after 16 long years of love and companionship. Fortunately for us, Donie was able to help with everything that same day. He handled our loss very professionally and with such compassion, we weren’t just another customer to him. Our sweet girl is in a beautiful wooden urn with a very sentimental letter along side it now and I could not be more happy and thankful with how this all turned out. I would highly recommend legacy Pet Cremation‘s to anyone. We now consider Donnie our friend, thank you again for everything you’ve done.

Stacey E

Mr. Burke was very kind, sympathetic and quick to respond. Every aspect of our experience with Legacy was handled with the utmost care, kindness, and sympathy. We hope not to need his services again anytime soon (we are hoping our other dog lives forever!) but we will certainly call him again when the time comes.

Morgan Thomas

I am very pleased with the services that I received from Legacy Pet Cremations. Mr Donie was very kind and compassionate throughout the entire process. I will definitely use their services again when the time comes.

Galo Roman

Legacy Pet Cremation did a wonderful job handling my Precious Butch during my more difficult time.
Mr Donie kept me informed every step of the way from start to finish. He was respectful, kind and very attentive. He expediently returned my Butch in a beautiful display case.
Thank you for your Professional work!

Ramona Mullen

Staff was amazingly helpful during this difficult time. They even scheduled an additional 15 minutes before the creation to allow us to say our final good bye. Well worth the money that we paid. Would recommend for future customers and will definitely use in the future if needed.

Georgiana Hatcher

Donie was very kind and compassionate when I called to inquire about cremation services for a friend’s pet who had just passed suddenly. We were devastated and he handled all the details and kept in touch with us during the whole process, making it as painless as possible. Would definitely recommend his services for your pet as a loving keepsake.

Mike Zimmerman

Compassion, empathy, friendly and caring…. Donie is all these things and more… I have no doubt he respected and took excellent care of our dear Paige… It’s very hard to deal with, Donie made it so much easier…. Thank you sir….

Patricia Hart

Donie gave us and our beloved Jack Daniels the upmost respect. He is a genuine individual who cares about giving animals a dignified rest and their owners a peace of mind. We called Donie at 10 pm on the night before Father’s Day and he meet us that Sunday to take care of things for us. You can not find any service like that here in the South. He also has some very beautiful carved boxes to choose from. You will not be disappointed and you can rest easy that your pet is in good hands!

Jamie Landers

I am very pleased with the experience with Legacy Pet Cremations. It is very difficult losing our beloved pet of 18 years but Mr. Donie was very respectful and professional during our time of loss.

Eun Ju Noel Kim

We just lost our lovely Butterscotch on Sunday afternoon. June 16. 2019. I found Legacy pet Cremation service and called in. It was on Sunday but Donie called me right back. Butterscotch is a guinea pig. However, other service places don’t have price range for exotic animals. It’s quite unfair to get charged same as other big animals. I found that only Legacy has special price for exotic animals.

Donie made me very easy to deal with this hard time. I dropped Butterscotch next day which is Monday morning and picked his remains up on Tuesday afternoon. Donie’s basic urn is a very nice wooden case. Also there were Sympathy card and certificate.

I strongly recommend Legacy to everybody who lost their loved pets.
Thank you Donie!

JoAnn Hill

Awesome! Donie was so very helpful when I called to inquire about pet cremation when my fur baby Zeus had to be put to sleep. He was diagnosed at Auburn over two years ago. They discovered a mass in his abdomen and heart worms. They gave him 6 – 8 months over two years ago. We knew this was coming but were not totally prepared. Donie picked Zeus up from the Animal Emergency Center and handled the whole process. He even returned him the emergency center for me to pickup along with a nice personal card and cremation certificate. He made the process so much easier. Zeus is now home in his little urn.

Emily Brooke Self

My wife and I lost our sweet Khloe this past Sunday. She was my wife’s dog for 16 years, and I was blessed to be a part of her life for 5. It was a sudden passing. And a very hard hit for our family. Legacy treated us like family. They sympathized with us and made this situation a lot easier. Mr. Donie was very professional, kind and caring. This is truly his calling, and we would highly recommend him/ legacy to anyone!! We were overly pleased with our experience. Thank you guys so much!! Our Khloe girl is home ❤

Matthew McLoughlin

Legacy pet cremation was very professional, caring, and respectful. Made me feel that they treated my pet as if it was one of their own. Highly recommend using this business.

Tabitha Kohlbry
Couldn’t ask for a better person for my Minnie!!! Thank you so much! I would definitely recommend
Launa DesPortes

Donie was professional and caring. I’m
Thankful for other people’s reviews that led us to Legacy. Highly recommend.

Nicole Schaeffer

Very satisfied with the service we received from Mr. Donie Burke. He treated us an our pet with dignity and respect. Met us after usual business hours an delivered my daughters hamster in a timely manner. We received him ina beautiful hand carved wooden box, with a certificate an sympathy card. We will definitely use Mr. Burke if we should ever need another pet cremated.

Johnny Lesch

The loss of our fur baby was devastating. Donie was very courteous and respectful. We never knew about pet Cremations until a friend suggested them. They were amazing, fast ,very thoughtful, courteous and attentive. If you’re on the fence, about pet Cremations, I highly recommend at least calling them. We will never have our fur baby back, but we are comforted in knowing our baby is in her favorite spot in our house. Huge thanks to Donie, for helping us through this difficult time.

Denise West

Outstanding service. I would highly recommend Legacy crematory to anyone who has a fur baby that has passed away. From beginning to end we were treated with kindness and compassion. I truly appreciate the help I received during my time of grief. Losing a loved one is very tough. This kind of compassion was very much appreciated and helped with the loss.

Alyssa Motley

Couldn’t have asked for a better place to take my baby. The owner is very sympathetic, professional and respectful. Thank you so much I am so beyond appreciative.

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